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2020-2021 Indoor Soccer Return to Participate Protocols

The Manitoba Soccer Association has released its 2020 Indoor Soccer Return to Participate Protocols, which I have attached for your review.


There are a few differences from the Outdoor RTP to the Indoor RTP related to Stage 3 that are of particular note:


  1. Coaches and players will be required to wear masks inside the facility until they are on the pitch area (field and technical areas). Masks being worn during training or games will be at the discretion of each player. During games, all technical officials must wear masks, except the one coach providing instructions to the players on the field.


  1. No spectators are permitted at adult competitions. A maximum of one guardian per youth player may attend at youth competitions. If guardians are staying at the facility, they must observe physical distancing regulations/guidelines. Any exception at youth games will be addressed by the facility staff.


  1. Face masks must be worn inside the facility when not on the pitch (field and technical areas). This includes for players and coaches before and after training or games and for all spectators at youth competitions (anyone over the age of 5).


  1. No loitering inside the facility (hallways, foyer) before or after training or games.


  1. No changerooms are to be used – participants should come dressed and ready to participate.


  1. Bathroom facilities will be sanitized before and after each booking  by authorized person only. Only one person should be in the bathroom at a time.


  1. Games will be scheduled to consider reducing traffic between groups arriving and departing to mitigate community transmission.


  1. It is possible that the majority of quarter field matches will be played at the WSF North, and, the majority of half field matches will be played at the WSF South due to the differences in seating / capacities of the two buildings.


  1. Timekeepers & Assistant Referees must wear face masks at all times.


  1. The facility is currently working on a mask-exemption policy for those with a doctor’s note. It is expected the person will need to register their exemption with the facility through the corresponding league. Further details on this will be communicated weeks prior to the start of the indoor season.


As well, I have attached the WSF North and South facility protocols, and, arrival and departure protocols.


Please take some time to review the attached documents and ensure your members are aware of the protocols and expectations.

2020-2021.Soccer.Indoor.COVID.MSA Return to Participation Indoor September 2 2020 Final

2020-2021.Soccer.Indoor.COVID.RTP – MEMBERSHIP – INDOOR Final September 2 2020

2020-2021.Soccer.Indoor.COVID.WSF Indoor COVID-19 Facility Protocols

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2020-2021 Basketball COVID Guidelines Information


On June 25th, Canada Basketball released version 1.1 of their multi-phased Return to Play plan and they will continue to update the document as needed throughout the pandemic.


Phase 1: Education & Individual Training begins

Phase 2: Individual Training continues and Small Group Training begins

Phase 3: Whole Team Split Training (Internal 3×3 team competition) begins

Phase 4: Whole Team Training (Internal 5v5 team competition) begins

Phase 5: Whole Team Training continues; Local Competition begins


* No organizations are permitted to host games/competitions until Basketball Manitoba has moved to Phase 5. You can see the full document at the link provided.

2020-2021.Basketball.COVID.Back to Basketball sportguidelines_v1

It is up to each Provincial Sport Organization (Basketball Manitoba) to decide which phase its membership would be best suited, based on provincial health guidelines. We are currently in Phase 2 of the Basketball Canada plan. Phase 2 allows for individual training, social distancing, and no shared equipment.

The WMBA Board has met over the last few months and has decided to move forward with registration. We will be offering an 11-week program running October through December. The program will consist of 10 weeks of individual skills training (small groups/teams) and wrap up with an NBA style skills competition the weekend before Christmas.

We are currently working on a curriculum that will not only engage, but challenge all participants. The curriculum will be carried out by coaches and student-athletes from various local post-secondary schools. The WMBA community will benefit from this training and be more skilled and prepared when we are allowed to open up the regular season.

Participants will register in the same manner as they have always registered. We will form small groups the same way we would normally form our teams and assign a volunteer coach the same way we normally would. These small groups will train together each weekend and the sessions will be scheduled in the same way games are normally scheduled. We will do our best to schedule each session as close as possible to the home community club.

Coaches will be responsible for team communication in terms of scheduling and will be asked to be present at the training sessions to assist the training staff that is onsite. If basketball is able to open up, these small groups will have already been training together and will be easily transitioned into phases 3,4, and even 5 of the Canada Basketball return to play plan.

This program fee will be $165 per participant, which will include:

  • T-shirt (branded for your community club)
  • 10 1-hour training sessions
  • participation in the Skills competition

The WMBA fees will also include the cost of the following:

  • gym rent
  • gym supervisors for COVID screening, contact tracing and site supervision
  • trainers
  • administration
  • $5 Foundation fee

The Community Clubs will not be responsible for any equipment, balls, jerseys, any other materials, or gym permits for this program. We will re-assess in mid-December and hopefully transition to a regular season sometime in January.

If we are able to open and gym permits become available again, we will hold another registration period. This registration period would be more typical of a normal season We will already have team lists and give everyone registered for training the opportunity to play with their assigned small groups.