Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked question about the East St. Paul Prairie Classic.

 Q: Do all forms and paperwork have to be submitted with the registration form?
A: No, rosters and guest player forms can be submitted separately, but must be received no later than August 2nd, 2016.  Tournament rosters are complete on-line and guest player forms and league/district rosters are submitted via email at
Q: Can forms and/or payment be dropped off in person?
A:There is no in-person drop off or mail-in option. Teams register and pay on-line. Rosters are also completed on-line. Guest player forms and official team rosters can be submitted to the tournament via email at
Q: How many guest players are permitted? Can we borrow from another club?
A: Please see the Guest Player Rules outlined in the Tournament Rules.
Q: The team does not have enough players; can we combine two teams from the same club?
As long as the rules are respected regarding guest players specifically as it relates to maximum roster size, level of play and maximum number of allowed guest players.  Please see the Guest Player Rules outlined in the Tournament Rules.
Q: Is the tournament sanctioned?
A: Yes, we are sanctioned with Manitoba Soccer Association (MSA).
Q: When will the first game be played?
A: Local teams (Winnipeg & surrounding area) can expect to have games scheduled as early as Tuesday at 6:00pm. Out of town teams should expect to play as early as Friday at 12:00pm (noon).
Q: Can scheduling requests be made?
A: While we do try to accommodate everyone wherever possible, we typically have to schedule up to 500 games throughout the course of the tournament and on a limited number of fields.  Please also take into consideration that out of town teams can only play games on the weekend. As a result, in rare situations, if there are valid extenuating circumstances, we may be able to accommodate individual requests, but we cannot make any guarantees that scheduling requests will be accommodated.*As per the change from last year – we are not accommodating requests to work around regularly scheduled league games. Please advise your district or governing body if you register in this tournament so your team’s league games can be rescheduled.
Q: What happens in the event of bad weather?
A: Unfortunately as much as we try to have the tournament run smoothly, the one thing we cannot control is weather! In the event that games are cancelled as a result of severe weather or resulting poor field conditions, we will do our best to reschedule those games. In previous years, we have always managed to reschedule rained-out games, but we cannot guarantee that games cancelled as a result of weather conditions will be rescheduled. Cancellations as a result of weather will be posted on the tournament website, and team contacts will be notified at the contact number listed on the team registration form.
Q: Can changes be made to rosters after the team is registered?
A: Changes can be made to rosters up until the deadline of August 2nd, 2016. After that no changes can be made to the team rosters.
Q: Where and when will schedules and results be posted?
A: The schedule should be available on the website within 24 hours of being released to the teams which is typically between one to two weeks prior to the start date of the tournament. Results will be posted each evening throughout the tournament week.
Q: When and where do the teams check in?
A: Team entry will be confirmed via email and all team contacts will be emailed documents in advance of the tournament. All other items should be picked up at the registration location one hour prior to the team’s first game. A coach or an alternate team representative may pick up item for the team.
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